Our PurposeWhat we aim to be

It is to support the autonomy of people and organizations, and to aim high together.

We support "the use of digital technology" in organizations. The "people-centered way of digital technology" will challenge the challenges of "solving labor shortages" and "improving energy efficiency" in all production activities, and as a result, contribute to the "creative production activities" of our clients.

We believe in the power of our clients, the power of our colleagues, and the power of digital technology... We will create the shape of "KAIZEN" for the future through a fusion of empathic thinking and digital technology.


Our ConceptsBusiness Approach

We believe that no matter how much digitalization progresses, in fields where creativity (unique paths) is required, human ideas add more value than digital. As an integration partner, we support the "utilization of digital technology for people" by starting from the client's ideas in production activities and capability in digital technology.

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Where we want to go is determined by our desire. For example, we choose a mountain to climb and aim for the summit. We may use the power of digital technology to get to the top of the mountain quickly and comfortably. We may climb the road less traveled by ourselves, thinking and feeling our way up, and climbing on our own feet. Believe in your own strength...and what awaits you at the end is a view you have never seen before. This is the realm of "creativity-added." We will do our best to accompany you to the top. To see a new view together.


Our Service and FocusSupport for productivity improvement through the use of digital technology

HRBP Solution
We work with the client's leadership team to formulate HR strategies, design systems, and support their implementation in line with the organization's philosophy. In strategy formulation and system design, we focus on the "people" aspect that makes up the organization's identity and culture, and support the creation of a system that contributes to fostering empathy and a sense of contribution among "people" and to the acquisition of talent through a data-driven approach. We also support the creation of systems that contribute to the development of empathy and a sense of contribution among "people" and the acquisition of talent through a data-driven approach.
Digital Workplace Solution
We conduct productivity analysis of the client's business operations through data engineering and other means to identify opportunities for business improvement. We design process governance and communication for improvement, select digital tools, and support implementation and operation.
Digital Engineering for Factory Automation
In collaboration with mechanical, electrical, and control design engineers in the Factory Automation (FA) domain, we support automation of production activities on desktops in a digital environment using simulation software, as well as study, verification, and evaluation activities for equipment reliability.

PassionThoughts on Business

Supporting Productivity Improvement through the Integration of Empathetic Thinking and Digital Technology

To stabilize the quality of work and the quantity of results with less energy, productivity must be improved more than ever.

To redefine the "roles (work) that people should perform" to create added value for companies, and to support the utilization of digital technology for creative production activities. That is what we should accomplish.


Integration with DigitalModern improvement through the use of digital technology

As expressed in the term "digital twin," it is becoming possible today to more precisely calculate and reproduce the production site on a desk. This allows us to reduce "losses in the manufacturing stage. On the other hand, final adjustments by human operators are also required to absorb analog elements that cannot be calculated digitally and occur on the shop floor.

By refining the desk-top reproduction in the Cyber environment, losses due to adjustments in the Physical environment can be reduced.
(If an analog environment is involved, expect the last mile adjustment to continue for some time.)

Reducing manufacturing losses in a physical environment will help meet the trend toward decarbonization.


Digital as an EnablerThe ever-expanding possibilities of digital technology...

With the evolution of digital technology, exemplified by AI and IoT, the use of digital technology is increasing in areas such as "recognition" and "judgment," in addition to the area of "movement" that has been replaced by machines.

Define the state of digital integration starting from the client's ideology


Our ValuesWhat we create

As an integration partner, we support our clients in the digital implementation of their corporate strategy and production philosophy into their business operations.

We categorize the areas in which digital technology is used into "management," "control," and "field," and support our clients' integration of digital technology in their business activities by having experienced engineers (IT/OT/FA) in each of these areas.

Our mission is to help our clients improve their creativity and productivity, and we believe that we ourselves should be an elite few, and that is our strength.

Based on an understanding of the client's unique philosophy and strengths and the characteristics of digital technology, we support the utilization of digital technology in the client's strategic path.

What we create... is the "added value of creativity" for our clients.